Claire is one of the most reliable, committed & enthusiastic singers I have ever met. Her easy-going nature coupled with her talent & ability to be adaptable to different styles of music makes her a pleasure to work with.
— Robyn Hauck, Vocalist
On and off stage Claire is a joy to work with. Professional, positive and great presence. A good hang and a great voice!
— Jim Johnson, Drummer, Instructor, Owner Cornerstone Music Cafe
As an accompanist I have worked with Claire Wilkes for a number of years with Revv52 and ReMix and I believe she has a distinctive and beautiful voice. She works hard, comes to rehearsal well prepared, and is very easy to work with. Claire has excellent stage presence and is a positive team player.
— Trevor Waters, Accompanist, Teacher
Claire Wilkes is a stellar backup singer - Her musical shading provides great colour, balance, blend and musical support for the story inside each song!
— Brian Farrell, Vocal Coach, Author
Claire has a wonderful knack of blending and harmonizing with every style of voice. A magnificent duet partner that always delivers.
— Dave Kletke, Vocalist
Claire has a strong presence and natural grace on stage as a performer - her clear soprano voice stands alone beautifully but is also perfect for harmonies. She knows her instrument and works it daily and it shows in her delivery. Claire not only shows up prepared; she knows the songs inside and out, understands the intricacies of the arrangements, and often will help me re-arrange vocal parts where it is needed. Everytime I have had the pleasure of working with her as backing vocalist for my band she is a team-player and a great hang and I feel so fortunate to work with her
— Mariya Stokes, Singer/Songwriter