When did I start singing…

I’ve never understood that question - because Always - I always sing! I grew up in an artsy musical family with an opera singing aunt, and my pops who played on the piano that took up our ENTIRE living room (priorities) everything from Chopin to Simon and Garfunkel. My oldest sister is a recording artist in Toronto, and my middle sister is an artist in Victoria. Ok ok this is MY bio, but I’m a proud sister! Road trips with family we would rock out to Toto (Africa! obvs), George Michael (Careless Whisper, I can Never Not sing along), Don Maclean (I think I know all the verses to American Pie, sorry not sorry). Then of course the 90’s happened and I’m all about grunge and everything else 90’s because - formative years! Pearl Jam, Radiohead (Paranoid Android yes please!!), Black Crowes (first concert ever!), and OF Course all things Tragically Hip. The car has always been a favourite venue of mine for singing - be it via the carpool to university, or when it provided a great way to pass the miles when I worked as a geologist throughout western Canada.

I had a 12 year career as a geologist - in the mine in Thompson Manitoba, and as an environmental geologist here in Calgary, and while that was challenging and fun, I’ve found my true passion is music. I happened to meet an awesome man from Drayton Valley and have two amazing boys, and now I get to spend my free time out at our home in Bragg Creek singing, attempting to learn to play the piano, painting, running, swimming, and cooking.. not all at the same time. When I’m really lucky I get to sing with friends at their shows!